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                                                  With Joseph (Ali Lotfi)



    Saturdays:(17:00_18-00) Online class

    Mondays and Wednesdays: (19:00_20:00) On campus

    With Mike!

    Sundays and Tuesdays :(04:00-05:00) : On campus 

     Wednesdays : (06:10-07:10) : Online
     Starting From:1400/04/02.

    With Sansa!


    :(04:30-05:30): On campus

    Mondays:(04:30-05:30) online

    Starting From:1400/04/05

    With: Betty!

    Online classes: 
    Saturdays at (18:00-19:00)
    Mondays at(18:00-19:00)
    Wednsdays at(18:00-19:00)

    starting from: 1400/03/19


                     With Sonny!

                     Even Days: (16:00-17:00)
                     Starting from:1400/02/25

    With Tiana!
    Saturdays and Wednesdays: (16:30-17:30): On Campus
    Mondays: (16:30-17:30): Online

    Starting from:  1400/2/25 

    With Emma!

    Saturday to Wednesday 17:50_18:30

    Starting from:1399/05/04.

    With Sansa!


    Saturday_ Sunday_Tuesday_Wednesday
    :(05:45-06:45): Online

    Starting From:1399/05/06.

    With Eli!

    Online course

    Campus Classes:

    Online Classes: Wednesdays 7:30-8:30 p.m.

       With Eve


    Odd days:(05:45-06:4):On Campus

    Starting From:1399/07/13  


    Even Days: (07:00-08:00): On Campus

    Sundays: (07:00-08:00): Online

    Starting from: 1399/06/15.

    With Sansa!


     Saturday_Monday_Tuesday _ Wednesday 
    :(07:00-08:00): Online
    (05:00-06:00) online
     Starting From:1399/07/12.

    With Dave!

    Odd days: (05:45-18:45) : On Campus  

    Mondays: (17:45-18:45) : Online 

    Starting From:1399/06/16. 

    With Mike!

    Saturdays and Mondays :(04:30-05:30) : Online

     Wednesdays : (04:00-05:00) : Online

     Starting From:1399/07/12.

    Odd Days: (5:00-6:00): On Campus

    Wednesdays: (7:30-8:30) : Online

    Starting From: 1399/05/05

    With Emma!

    Sundays: [04:30-05:30]_Online

    Tuesdays: [04:30-05:30]_On Campus

    Thursdays : [04:30-05:30]_Online

    Starting From:1399/07/16.


               With Sonny!
    Even Days: (19:00 - 20:00)
    Starting from: 1399/04/18

    With Mandy

    Saturdays: (05:45-06:45): Online

    Mondays: (05:45-06:45): On campus

    Wednesdays: (05:45-06:45): On Campus

    Starting From: 1398/10/01. 

    With Betty!

    Saturdays: (12:00-13:00):  Online

    Mondays: (12:00-13:00):  Online

    Wednsdays: (12:00-13:00):  Online

    Starting From:1399/06/15.

    With Elina!

    Sundays/Tuesdays/Thursdays:(06:30-07:30): Online

    Starting From:1399/10/01

    With Eli!

    Online course

    With Eli:
    Even Days: (06:15-07:15): Online
    Even Days: (6:15-07:15): On Campus
    Starting From: 1398/07/10.

     Sundays: (4:00-5:00): On Campus

    Tuesdays: (04:00-5:00): On Campus

    Thursdays: (04:00-05:00): Online

    Starting From:1399/06/16.

    With Eli!

    Online course

    Even Days: (04:00-05:00): On campus

    Even Days: (04:00-05:00): Online

    Starting From:1398/05/15.

     Sundays: (06:00-07:00) : On Campus  

    Tuesdays: (06:00-07:00) : On Campus

    Thursdays: (06:00-07:00): Online

    Starting From:1399/06/16.

    With Mary!

    Saturdays 5:45-6:45 (On Campus)

    Mondays 5:45-6:45 (Online)

    Wednesdays 5:45-6:45 (On Campus)

    Starting from 1399/06/15.

    Captain with Mustache

    With Captain Patrick!

    Saturdays/Wednesday:(07:30-08:30):On Campus


    Starting From:1399/07/30

               With Sonny

       Mondays and Wednesdays 10:30 - 11:30
               Starting from: 1400/03/29

    With Betty!

    Campus class on Mondays and Wednsdays

    online class on Saturdays 


    Top Notch Fundamentals A


     Odd Days : (20:30-21:30) : Online Class

    With Mike!

    With Betty!

    Campus class on Mondays and Wednsdays

    online class on Saturdays 


    Top Notch Fundamentals B


    With Betty!

    campus class on Sundays and Tuesdays

    online class on Saturdays


    Starting from:1400/03/09

    online class (Saturday,Monday,Wednesday)

    starting from 1400/04/02

    With Lena!

    with Lena!campus class: odd days 17:30_18:30

    Even days

    With Emma
    Students: Ali and Aysa

    This course is for ESL.I students who passed the first year successfully 

    Odd Days: (07:10-08:10 P.M): On Campus

    Thursdays: (10:30-11:30 A.M): Online

    Starting from :1399/05/04.

    Official image

    Welcome message to students

    With Heidi

     Saturdays, Mondays, Wednesdays : (6:30-7:30) Online

    With Emma!

    Saturdays: [16:00_17:00] _ On Campus
    Mondays: [16:00_17:00] _ On Campus
    Wednesdays : [16:00_17:00] _ Online

     Saturdays, Mondays, Wednesdays (5:20-6:20) Online

      with Eve:
    Odd days:(04:30-05:30):On Campus
    Starting From:1399/07/13  


           With Judy!

      Online class: Even days
           (20:00 _ 21:00)


           With Judy!


               With Sonny!

    Campus Classes: Even Days 18:10 - 19:10
    Online Classes: Even Days 17:30 - 18:30

    With Elina!

    Even days

    Online class on Saturdays,Mondays, Wednesdays.


    With Elina!

    Odd days

    Online class on Sundays,Tuesdays,Thursdays 


          With Judy!

    Online class: Even days
           (6:20 _ 7:30)

    With Fatima Yousefi

    on campus: (even days: 16:30 - 17:50)

    Ch.7 with Sebrina

    Hip Hip Hooray 4, Units 1-4

    Online class, Even days, 16:30- 17:50

    Ch.8 with Jasmine

    Hip Hip Hooray 4, Units 5-8

    Physical class, Even days, 16:40-17:55

    Ch.12 with Ms.Abolhasani

    starting from:1400/07/04
    Class time :19:00-20:20

    With Mrs. Talebpour

    Top Totch Fundamental B

    Units 8 -11

    Parsa Language Institute

    With Mrs. Talebpour

    Top Totch Fundamental B

    Units 12 -14

    Parsa Language Institute

    maralWith Maral !


    Top Notch 1B , Units 1-3

    Online class , Odd days 13:00-14:00


    Top Notch 1B , Units 9-10

    Online class , Even days 13:00-14:20

    With Ms.Ghasemi!


    Top Notch 2A , Units 1-3

    Online class , Even days 14- 15:20

    With Jasmine


    Top notch 2B , Units 6-8

    Online class , Even days 16-17:20



    Top Notch 2B unit 9-10

    Online class , Even days 16:00-17:20


    Top Notch 3B , Units 1-3

    Jun.12 Top notch 3A

    Units 4-5

    Online class , even days 15:15- 16:30

    Jun. 13 

    top notch 3 B , units 6-8 

    online class , even days 4-5:20 P.M


    Top Notch 3B 

    Units 9-10 

    Even days 16-17:20 online class

    Jun8.With Jasmine,Even days,19:00-20:20

    Jun10.With Jasmine,Even days,17:30-18:50

    With P.Ghasemi


    Summit 1A, units 1-3

    Online class, Odd days 16:00-17:20

    With P.Ghasemi


    Summit 1A , Units 4-5 

    Online class , Odd days 17:30-18:50

    With Parisa Ghasemi


    Summit 2A units 6-8

    Online class , Odd days  17:30-18:50

    Whit P.Ghasemi

    Starting From : 1400/05/03

    Summit 4

    Units 9-10

    Online class , Odd days 16:40-17:55

    With Ms. Ghasemi


    Summit 2A , Units 1-3

    Online class , Odd days 21:00-22:20 

    With Parisa Ghasemi 


    Summit 2A , Units 4-5

    Campus class , Odd days 21:00 - 22:20

    With P.Ghasemi


    Summit 2B, Units 6-8

    Online class , Even days 19:30-20:50

    With Captain! 


    Learning Management System


    A learning management system is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs. The learning management system concept emerged directly from e-Learning. Wikipedia

    Train at Alvand College!

    Teacher Training Course

    With Sam!

    Alvand College

    Computer-assisted language learning, British, or Computer-Aided Instruction /Computer-Aided Language Instruction, American, is briefly defined in a seminal work by Levy as "the search for and study of applications of the computer in language teaching and learning". Wikipedia


    With Sonny!

    With Elina!

    With Mandy!

    Alvand College

    With Eli!

    With Mary!

    Hello everybody! 

    Are you ready to have fun?

    Hip hip Hooray Starter
    Units.1 to 9.
    18 sessions!
    Hip Starter
    Hip Hip Hooray.3


    Hip Hip Hooray.3

    With Captain!
    Top Notch.1A


    Top Notch.1B


    Top Notch.2A


    Saturdays: (17:00-18:00):  Online

    Mondays: (19:00-20:00):  on campus

    Wednsdays: (17:00-18:00):  Online

    start from: 27.02.1400

    Top Notch.2B


    Top Notch.3 A


    Top Notch.3 B


    • درس کانی شناسی نوری ، فرآیند و آزمایشگاه 
    • دانشکده مهندسی معدن ،نفت و ژیوفیزیک
    • دانشگاه صنعتی شاهرود
    • نیمسال اول 1400-1399

    With Saeed Teimuri!

    TOEFL Grammar

    مدرسه مجازی هوش برتر

    فیزیک دهم

     فصل اول : فیزیک و اندازه گیری

    مدرس : استاد محمود ثریایی

    هشت جلسه تدریس آفلاین (4 جلسه تدریس + 4 جلسه تکمیلی تست و نکته )
    چهار جلسه تدریس و رفع اشکال آنلاین
    چهار آزمون جزئی و یک آزمون کلی از مباحث
    رفع اشکال آزمون ها و تست ها 
    مشاوره و برنامه ریزی درس فیزیک 
    پاسخگویی به تمام سوالات درسی شما

    With Niloofar Karami


    With: Laleh Mousavi